Maestro 18 channels - Type of servos and


I have a question or 2 that may seem odd but to me, well, here goes… Planning to use the maestro to save sequences that will be called by an arduino mega, mine is a 2 part question:

  • to use servos with maestro, are there specific servos that should be used? The reason being that I got the feeling, reeding elsewhere on your site that hobby servos would limit the efficiency of use of the maestro controller.

  • My second question has to do with servo positioning. Playing a certain sequence from the maestro where the servos will be called to rotate at certain angles. If for whatever reason, a second call of another sequence interrupts the first one and as it moves the servos to their new rotation or angle value, is there a risk of burning a servo because it could be asked to over rotate the servo not knowing where it’s starting angle was and thus, forcing itself to this new angle assuming that it’s starting from a zero degree angle position? Putting this question another way, going from sequenxe to sequence, how will maestro recognize the servo’s initial position so that it understands the angle I am asking it to move to.

I hope I’m clear enough with my questions. Can someone guide me before I start shopping for my servos?

Thank you.


The Maestro outputs standard hobby RC servo signals, so special servos are not needed. It will work with all of our RC servos.

Servos respond to the signal they are currently receiving, so if you send it a new position before the servo has had a chance to complete its motion to the first position, it will simply go to the new position and disregard the first.