Maestro 12 - using a 0-5 volt input to control channel 8 pwm

For anyone who can help, thank you up front. I am trying to use a channel as an input for .5-4.5 volt DC, that is the range of the sensor. I would like to be able to determine the specific voltage I would like to maintain, based upon a PWM output signal, essentially it will be a motor/feedback scenario. The motor will operate a water pump to a set pressure (voltage input). If I ask for 3 volts input from the sensor, I would like the PWM to be able to change based upon flowrate.

Essentially I would like the PWM to be variable to the point that whatever the flowrate of the waterpump it generates a constant pressure. I am new to writing code, and I feel that this possible with the Maestro 12, or I am incorrect?

When I connect the .5-4.5 V range sensor to the Maestro as an input, I get a 0.25 to 225 response.


The Maestro cannot read in PWM signals, so it would be hard to accomplish what you are trying to do. However, I think one of our jrk motor controllers with feedback might work for you, assuming the PWM input signal is compatible with standard servos; to start off you would set Input mode to “Pulse width” and Feedback mode to “Analog”.


Thank you for your response, I don’t think may explanation could have been any more clear though.

0.5-4.5 volt linear INPUT :smiley:

PWM OUTPUT :unamused: on channel 8, based upon PWM maintaining a user defined voltage between the values listed above in the sensor INPUT reading.

Essentially I am looking for the input voltage to be maintained, based upon the PWM output.

Oh, OK. The Maestro can do that. To get an idea of how to write the code, you might want to learn about PID. Let me know if you have any more questions along the way.


Thank you, I am familiar with the PID loop and the if/then scenario of things.

I have one other question, the maestro control center program that is used to operate the controller, what is used to create that operating program? I would like to be able to create my own.

The Maestro Control Center was written in the C# language using Visual Studio (2008). The source code for some of its components is available in the Pololu USB SDK:


Thank you for all the help, I have downloaded all I can find from your sight pertaining to the Maestro.

I fell like I could use this little controller to operate some huge machines.