Maestro 12-channel usb servo controller power problem

I have 12 channel usb servo controller and it is powered via the 5 volt of a computer power(500 wats, BeQuiet). There is one micro servo motor attached to a channel. This motor needs max 200mA.
Now i can connect to the servo controller and the computer does see the card. When i attach the card to the usb port than the message of the baut rate. I say ok and the yellow led is flikkering once a second and the green led is even flikkering faster. The card is seen and the rerial number is seen. I can activate the channel where the motor is attached but nothing is happening. When i move the slider nothing happens. When i attach the 5 volt power cable to a disk controller in the computer it works, so i would think the power source works. The black is ground and the red is connected to the servo power + pin.

What could be wrong? I would think it should be possible to power the card from the 5 volt rail of a power source.
Please help…


From your description, it sounds like the Maestro is connecting and communicating with the computer correctly. It is not clear to me how you have your system powered. Could you post some pictures that show all of your connections as well as a wiring diagram? Also, do you have another way to test the servo (e.g. an RC transmitter/receiver) to make sure it is functional?


Hi Brandon,

thank you for the reply. I will make some pictures this weekend and post them.