Low volt Dual serial motor Controller

I am trying to set-up SMC05A Low-Voltage Dual Serial Motor Controller by Pololu . I’m using a BS2 stamp As my micro Controller
it works one motor fine on the 0 output , But it apears to be set-up for a Single motor insted of a Dual set-up , I have down loaded the Pololu serial transmitter v1.3 , can somebody explain to me ,in a simple form ,the step by step way to get it to the dual mode, As you can Guess i’m new to Robotics and programming thus the BS2 micro conroller . I’m working on a Self Balancing Robot …yes I know , But why not ! the worst I can do is burn down the house and Fail Right .

I have tryed " SEROUT 14, 84, [$80,2,2] " with the next line " PAUSE 100 "


To use the serial transmitter utility, put in the values 128, 2, and 2 in a 3-byte command line and click the send button. You’ll need to make a cable to connect from your serial port to the RS-232 input pins on the motor controller.

Your BS2 line seems fine, but you should wait a lot longer after that so you have a chance to observe what the LEDs are doing. Keep in mind that the configuration is a one-time thing you should do when you want to change settings, not something you should do every time your robot start up. I’m not sure what you’re doing after your pause, but you should just go to an infinite loop and do all other things in a different program.

- Jan