Low noise stepper motor driver

I need to minimize the level of interference from a motor/driver (my system has very sensitive radio receiver).
Most drivers I’ve seen use chopping to limit the current and it gives spikes in current and they produce pretty high radio noise. Could you suggest the driver without chopping function or ways to reduce the radio noise.
(The motor I already purchased from Pololu is Sanyo Sanmotion F2 Pancake Stepper Motor)


Current limiting (which requires the chopping function) enables features like microstepping (below 1/2 step) and the ability to use supply voltages above the stepper motor’s coil voltage rating. If you use 1/2 step or full step mode, use a supply voltage that is less than or equal to the stepper motor’s rated coil voltage, and set a current limit on the driver well above the rated current of the stepper motor then the driver will never reach a condition where it needs to use the chopping function to limit the current. Our DRV8834 carrier board might be a good option for such a configuration since it works with supply voltages down to 2.5V. Alternatively, a dual H-bridge driver can be used to control the coils directly, but the interface for controlling them is generally more complicated than the STEP and DIR pin interface on boards like our DRV8834 carrier.

Besides eliminating the chopping, using a capacitor to filter the stepper driver supply input and placing EMF shielding between your stepper circuits and your RF circuits could also reduce noise.