Looking for a stable compass

Hi all, for my Autosteuer project we are looking for 2 sensor.

  1. heading
  2. Roll/tilt

We did test some mpu9250 and other also the bno05 from Bosch.

We are not happy with these sensor . So if anyone have suggestions for a sensor with less drifting of heading and a stable roll please help us…

See this post: State of the art AHRS for $25

As Jim suggested, you might consider our MinIMU and AltIMU sensor boards, although we don’t expect them to inherently be significantly better than the sensors you’ve tried. I suspect your results will depend a lot on the quality of your processing algorithms and calibration procedures. Alternatively, you could look into the UM7, which is an integrated AHRS that should be more capable, although it is significantly more expensive.


The Bosch BNO055 performance is particularly poor, partly because both the magnetometer and gyro calibration methods are so primitive. They both need to be rewritten completely. See this study: https://forums.adafruit.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=112315

The RTImulib software mentioned in my reply above is quite good, but does not incorporate off axis magnetometer corrections, so it could be improved as well. Unlike commercial software, it is open source!

For heading, all you need is a good compass and all the latest commercial offerings have very similar performance. It is absolutely essential to properly calibrate the compass, as described in this tutorial: https://thecavepearlproject.org/2015/05/22/calibrating-any-compass-or-accelerometer-for-arduino/

This calibration must be performed in the environment in which the compass will be used, and repeated frequently, especially if the environment changes.