Looking for 48 Volt 20 or 30 Amp motor controller

I’m using some Pololu 12 Volt motor controllers that work really well. I’d like to find a similar motor controller that would control 48 Volts at up to 20 to 30 amps, but I do not see anything about 40 Volts on the Pololu website.

Is there a reason why controllers don’t go above 40 Volts? Does anyone else sell those higher voltage controllers (I can’t find any that are less than 100 amps or so)?


Thank you for the kind words about our motor controllers. We have the high-power motor driver 36v20 CS that can operate from 5.5 to 50V and deliver a continuous 20 A without additional cooling. However, 48V is too close to this driver’s limits for it to be an appropriate solution.

Unfortunately, I do not have any recommendation on where to find higher voltage controllers.

- Jeremy

Thanks for the response. Maybe I can figure out some way to limit the voltage to 48 Volts, to make sure I don’t fry the controller.

UPDATE: I looked at the datasheet for the Infineon MOSFET power transistor used in the motor controller, and did not find the 50 Volt maximum voltage limitation. I did see 60 Volts as the “Drain-source breakdown voltage.” I wonder where the 50 Volts comes from. Is it another part on the controller, or is it somewhere else on the datasheet for the MOSFET?

The 50V limit comes from the MOSFET driver on the board.

Operating the 36v20 high-power motor driver at 48V leaves almost no room for noise, so I think you would need to do something pretty fancy to make sure the driver stays within its rated operating range. We consider 44 V to be a more reasonable safe maximum operating voltage.

- Jeremy

Hi Jeremy, do you think this Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 36v20 CS could be connected in parallel to control a motor powered by 11 LiPo Cell (46.2V Maximum) and a continuous current of around 40 amps?


We noticed that you posted a similar question in another thread; I have answered your questions there.