Looking for 180 deg or more servo

For the 360-degree servos, they still use the same range of input pulses; you don’t have to give them twice as big of a range.

- Jan


Got it now. thank you guys.
I am waiting for a 180 degree to be sent to me. If the 180 tests ok for my project then
all is good and I will stick to the library functions, otherwise, I will have to write my own
servo routines that will exceed the 2400 limit.

thank you guys

If you have torque, space, and can stand for your reaction time to be a little slowler you may consider a set of gears with the servo gear being slighly larger than the drive gear. The rotation of the drive gear would then be greater in degrees than the rotation of the servo gear. Then, the degrees of rotation you desire is just a matter of how different the tooth count is. Many times we don’t not have or want less torque, more space, or less reaction time. Just a thought.

If you can handle the torque, you could gear the servo output 2:1 then use the output to couple to your device. This way if your servo were giving you 170 degrees of actual rotation… your geared up output would be 340 degrees at 1/2 the rated output power.

Or… you could go with a 1.5:1 output and have 225 degrees… or 45 degrees more than the 180 you need with only a 1/3 reduction in power.

Just a thought,