Logomatic to log 5DOF/HMC6352

Not sure if this is the proper venue for posing this question but I notice theres more people on here helping out than other forums.

My Project is quite a simple one. I have a Logomatic V2 SD Datalogger, a 5 DOF board, HMC6352 board and Locosys 20031 GPS. Basically all I want to do is put these pieces in a box and log the data on board a vessel for x number of days.

I am able to power the 5 DOF board but the data numbers Im getting seem wonky to me. I read on the product description that the unit “can” output Pitch Roll but I cant find a good pin diagram for the board itself, there are datasheets on each individual chip on the board but not the breakout board itself which can be daunting. Does anyone know what the 4 “extra” pins are for on the unit? Sparkfun are reluctant with releasing any information that might make my life easier. Sorry if any of you are Sparkfun employees but its just frustrating when theres the bare minimum of information out there on a piece of equipment.

I understand that the HMC6352 talks in I2C so I will probably use an Arduino Uno for that. Realistically I may just put everything into the arduino then output one dataset to the SD datalogger rather than try and cram everything into the logger. I havent tried firing up the HMC yet so theres no problem there yet but Im sure in the future Ill have something to say about it.

With the Locosys 20031 it outputs in TTL so Im able to read directly from it to the datalogger. Will this be a similarly easy task if i wanted to instead put it into the arduino uno? Is there an easy way to reprogram the locosys to 1Hz 9600 baud instead of its default 5hz 57600 baud because Im finding that it is way too much data for what I need. If I get everything at 1Hz Ill be happy I probably wont want anything faster than that.

Sorry for the long and winded version of my problems but Im new to this and want to make sure all my bases are covered.

Thanks everyone for any and all help

For anyone out there Im doing a blog on my project and will be posting updates regularly as I progress along. Theres a lot of information out there to sift through so I could be some time figuring everything out.