Logic voltage isn't high enough to drive RC Relay

I’m using the Pololu RC relay linked below and was wondering what the simplest way was to increase logic voltage from 3v to 5v? The power to the relay is 5v, but my dev board only outputs ~3v for PWM logic. This works for servos, but doesn’t work for the RC relay.


As explained in the user’s guide, the included relay requires an input voltage of at least 3.75 V to operate, so you cannot control it directly from a 3V board. If you have a higher voltage you can access in your system you could use our logic level shifter to increase the voltage of the signals you send to the relay.

- Patrick

Sorry, I was mistaken in my previous post. The included relay does require a VRC supply voltage of at least 3.75 V to operate, but you should be able to trigger the relay using a 3V RC IN signal.

If you are still interested in troubleshooting why your setup is not working, can you post some pictures of your board, all its solder connections, and your overall test setup? Could you tell me more about how you are sending control signals to the board?

- Patrick