Linux - Python wrapper available for Micro Maestro 6-Channel

Dear fellow developers,

I coded a small quick-and-dirty Python wrapper for the Pololu Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller. The code is freely available as GNU/GPLv3 @

Before using the code you will need to set the device into USB Dual Port -mode with the Pololu Maestro Control Center -application.

Juhapekka Piiroinen


I´m absolutely new to this, I have just bought the controller and installed the linux driver. When I run the controlcenter i can control my servo but I have no Idea how to set the controller to dual port mode. Therefore I get no reaction at all when I try to use python code to move the servo. Is there a python command for it or do I have to do it in the bash console in Ubuntu?

With regards


Hello, Stefan.

The dual port mode can be set by selecting the option “USB Dual Port” under the “Serial Settings” tab in the Maestro Control Center. To apply the change, click the “Apply Settings” button in the bottom right of the control center.

- Grant