Limit switch for 18v7

I purchased the controller 18m7! Great thing!
I want to use the current sensor as limit switches connected to the analog interface. I control the 18v7 through a rc interface. The motor has two states, forward or reverse. I already set it up, everything works fine.
Should be as follows: the motor rotates forward, is blocked by an obstacle, the current sensor gives out the changed voltage, the motor shuts down. Next I give the signal to rotate back, the motor turns back, is blocked, the motor stops.
Can I use your the current sensor as a limit switch? Any sensor. Which sensor output should be used correctly? VIOUT or FAULT?


Connecting the output of current sensors that produce analog voltages like the ones we carry to the analog input channels on the Simple Motor Controllers will not outright break anything, but getting a limit or kill switch to work correctly with them might not be trivial. This has mostly to deal with how the current is actually changing in the system. For example, if the motor starts suddenly, it will draw its full stall current and possibly trip the limit. The system might also cycle between stopping and starting again right after it hits an obstacle and trips the limit. I think you would need to process the current sensor output further to have it function as a useful limit switch (for example, the system should remember that a stop has been reached even after the motor stops and the current limit goes back down). If you can use physical switches to detect obstacles in your system, you might consider using them since that would probably be a more straightforward approach.