Led's from my VNH3SP30 turn off when I connected the motor

Hi!! I bougth the Dual VNH3SP30 Motor Driver Carrier MD03A, A few days ago, The first time that I used the driver, it didn’t work. I tried to be very carefully with the connection for source and the code for activate the motors. When I put open the output cables (motorless) the led’s work very good, one of this, turn on red or green, just depends of the input signals; but when I try to connect one simple motor the leds turn off and the motors didn’t work. I don´t know what happend? I need Help!! it is for one of my proyects and feel very sad and dissapointed.


I’m sorry you are having trouble with your motor driver. If the driver works as expected until you connect your motor, you likely have a power issue. How are you powering everything and how are you controlling your driver? Can you describe all of your connections (a picture of your setup might help)? Also, what is the stall current of your motor?

- Ben