Laptop servo controller and esc

i am using usb servo controller and esc and laptop i want to know how to get the servo controller and laptop to drive forward and backward ? in program from

ok back in the late 90 made a esc unit that use a 74ls151 4 to 16 decoder that would use 8 moter forward and rev the program would poke a address that loaded a 4 bit witch like 1010 what i want to do is use this control to run two esc using laptop as control dose anyone have a program in bacse from that i can used ?


I have moved your latest post to this topic, because it seems related. Please do not post onto the end of unrelated topics.

Anyway, we really do not understand what you are asking. If you need help with a Pololu product, read the User’s Guide for that product; if you have questions that are not addressed there, please be specific about the product you have and what you did not understand. Using punctuation and spelling everything correctly would also help a lot.


heres microsoft robot ics developer stodio witch will help make plugin for this hardware … layLang=en

hope to hear from all