Kinetic object controlled by an integrated computer system

I’m trying to implement a control system similar to what you see in this video

motors can be controlled by a PC through the Arduino?
does anyone know how to do and knows a software through which control motors?
It looks like eight pivot points, each pivot point having four concentric shafts, each shaft having an arm on the front and a stepper motor or servo at the back to position it. If you make it small enough for the arms to be moved by ordinary RC servos you can control those directly from the Arduino. For anything else you would need to add a driver circuit.

Are there pivots point having four concentric shafts?


Hello, Ezio.

Have you tried asking the creators for some details about how it works? You could ask what components they used in the comments section.

Yes, it is possible to control motors with an Arduino (if you have the additional circuitry required) and it is possible to control an Arduino from a PC. I don’t know of any software that does it though.

I don’t know.

I think you could probably make something work with Arduino Mega and a lot of stepper motors and stepper motor drivers. Stepper motors would be better than servos because servos have a limited range of motion.