Kicad models of your boards - U3V70F5


I bought a bunch of your regulators over the years (a few separate orders for altogether around 50 regulators).

I am really happy with your products, and it will be much easier for me to integrate them in my designs again in the future if I had access to KiCAD files describing them so that I can import schematics, footprints, etc.

  • Do you have KiCAD description of your regulators?
  • Can you share them?
  • Could you even better maybe create a github repo with documentation to make those easily accessible to everybody?

By the way, this would be nice for all your products, not just regulators :wink:




We do not use KiCAD, so we do not have any KiCAD files. However; if you can import the 3D step files available under the “Resources” tabs of our regulators product pages, that might be a good starting point. We also have DXF files that have the footprint and through hole locations of the regulator.