Just a suggestion


Just wanted to suggest that you add to your Resources tab for the Maestro controllers, that you will need to download the Microsoft .NET 3.5 package to run the Maestro controller. Yes, in the installation process of the controller, the install includes performing this download, however, I purchased mine with the intent on using it with a laptop not connected to the net.

I downloaded all the Pololu software and manuals on my internet machine and thumb drive’d it to my laptop and went on my way. When I went to install the controller software, the 3.5 stuff was required. Was no big deal to get it later and install it, but I had to wait until the next day. Like presents on the 25th but dont get to play till the 26th… Just wish I had known.

Just a note and a link on the tab should keep everyone future users on point. :wink:

I bought the 12ch version… Its much much more than I had expected!!! :smiley:


Thanks for the suggestion and for the compliments on the Maestro! We have added a link to the .NET download; hopefully that will save time for others in the future.


Awesome! Like I said… it was just a little hicup in my plan… good lookin out :sunglasses: