I want to power the 24 card with the 5v USB and supply the corner power screws with a 5v supply. Should I have the jumper on or off


It sounds like you’re talking about the Mini Maestro 24-Channel USB Servo Controller. On the Maestro, the VSRV=VIN jumper should be left off when powered by USB. Using a separate USB power supply is a good idea because the voltage of your servo power supply might drop below 5V under the current draw of the servos, which could lead to a brownout on the controller.


Thanks Nathan, Yes the Mini 24. one more thing then, if the servos - Hitec 311- are 4.8v would it be ok to feed them with 6v to allow for a small drop?. Actually I’ve just read on the side of the box they are 6v servos so I’ll have to up the PSU for the servos