JRK21V3 defaulty settings?


can you tell me someone which is the default settings of the JRK21V3?
I’m asking this just because i have simply connected the driver, right out of the box to my RC circuit as speed controller (connecting the 3 pins from the RX to pins GND, 5V and RX, the brushed motor on A e B and a 12 Vdc to VIN and GND) without no result…The yellow led flashes slowly and there’s no sign from the motor while moving the joystick on the radio on its relative channel…???
It has maybe some different starting configurations? I have no PC (only MAC) so I cant see how is configured internally…Thanks in advance for any help!

By default, the Jrk 21v3 is in serial input mode, so it will not be measuring your RC pulses. Also, by default it is in Analog feedback mode but all the PID constants are 0, so it will not actually drive the motor. You are going to need to borrow someone’s PC to set up the Jrk, but once you have it configured correctly you shouldn’t need to use a PC again.


Thanks David!
No way to know it without PC, I spent many time reading their resources but there’s no mention at all about it, they should add a note on the manual, because I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only that was expecting to make it working easy in a hobby Rc configuration (as the previous version did it just closing the right contacts by hand!)…Not so many modellers are so advanced to play with software, firmware, pc, etc…Anyway, now I can go on to ask someone for a PC (It’s hard to be on MACside sometime!).
Thx again! :slight_smile:

The supported operating systems for the Jrk are already listed in the user’s guide: