jrk21v3 5v exit

I’ve see on my board instructions that there is a 5v exit , this can help me to cool down my motor with a fan and a sink, but I can’t understand if that exit can be regulated by software or if it is fixed 5 v volt .
Can someone help me plz?
thank you and sorry for my english

Hello, Luca.

The pins on the jrk labeled “5V” are fixed at 5V and cannot be controlled by software. Also, they do not necessarily provide enough current to power a fan, so that is something you should consider before plugging in the fan. Do you really need to cool down the motor or do you actually need to cool down the jrk? If the jrk is getting too hot, you should consider upgrading to a jrk 12v12.


no don’t seem the jrk is hot but the motor sometime goes hot, the fan i mean it’s really little 18mmx 18mm , I tried it and it work, but maybe its not a good idea turn the fan on constantely maybe I should power up and control the fans separately.
thank you a lot bye