jrk12v2 not working

Hello all. In first sorry for my fair english.

Today I tested my third Jrk12v12 (other 2 working great!) and after many test hours I think it’s broken.

Here my item list using my third jrk12v12:
1 DC motor 12v 20a (working great with other 2 jrk12v12)
1 DC battery (working great too)
1 USB/mini cable perfectly working with other jrk)
1 potentiometer (working too with other 2 jrk12v12)
1 configuration file working perfect with the other 2 jrk12v12)

When I push “start motor” my motor remain stopped.
And I get the “Input disconnected” error
No solutions, all my attempts finishes with the input disconnected error.

So I try to push the “detect motor direction” and I get another error. Please watch the attached pic.

So I checked the feedback and motor connections to the jrk and are all ok.
So? :confused:

I repeat, with this configuration, if I use my own another jrk12v12 the result is my motor running without problems.
When I back to use my third Jrk so I get these errors.

Ps : the Welding are ok and the cable connections are good too.

Ps2: And If my jrk is broken, what is the best warranty solution? (I bought it 4 months ago)

Please help!

Let’s try to figure out why your Input Disconnect error is happening. Could you please post your jrk configuration file here? Also, could you look on your graph and tell me what values you see for the Input variable? Also, could you describe all the connections you have made to the jrk (I don’t know where you plugged in the 3 wires from the potentiometer).