JRK Reset Push Button

I have read in some forum threads that the reset line on the jrk 12v12 can be used to reset the jrk after a Com Port failure.

For convenience, would it be OK to wire a push button to the reset pin to perform resets after a Com Port failure?

I ask this as the only other way I have tried (that works) is to unplug the USB and replug the USB to reboot the jrk.

“”"“Great little card this JRK!”"""


I am glad that you like the jrk! Yes, wiring a normally-open momentary pushbutton between the jrk’s RST and GND pins would be a fine way to reset it. For best results, you should be sure to close all handles you have open to the jrk’s COM ports or to the jrk’s native USB interface (e.g. close all programs using the jrk). Otherwise you might not be able to access the jrk after the reset.

If you want some help identifying the source of the problem, you could post details about your system.


Thanks, I thought that would be the case.