Jrk input scaling?

Hi, using a pot as the feedback device is fine, because the voltage swing for 0 - 180 degrees can be made 0 - 5v. But I want to use an accelerometer, with a swing of only about 1.3 - 2.0 v. Does the feedback scaling on a jrk 21v3 translate range this into the full 4096 steps, or do I need some kind of voltage translator to expand the swing to 0 - 5v? If so, any simple circuit ideas would be welcome.


I broke your post out into a separate thread.

The jrk has input scaling (see Section 3.b of the user’s guide).

- Ryan

Yes. You could get similar results using either input scaling or feedback scaling, but I recommend using the feedback scaling. The intent of feedback scaling is to let you define the full range of states that your system can reach, with 0 and 4095 being the extremes.


Thanks for your quick response, very helpful.