Jrk 21v3 with Linear Actuators with Potentiometer Feed


I was wondering if JRK 21v3 can control Linear Actuators with Potentiometer Feed.
I am not good with wiring stuff.

firgelliauto.com/product_inf … cts_id=163

Where wouId I connect the wire to the JRK 21v3.
White wire: potentiometer Reference
Yellow wire: potentiometer wiper (position signal)
Blue wire: potentiometer reference.

where do I put those wire into the JRK 21V3

Thank in advance

In general the jrk can be used with linear actuators to do position control, and the jrk21v3 will probably work fine with the product your linked to.

Here are the steps needed for connecting the position feedback potentiometer to the jrk:

Connect the potentiometer wiper (position signal) to the FB pin on the jrk.
Connect one potentiometer reference wire to +5 V. Any of the +5 V pins on the jrk are OK, but the one under the FB pin is the most convenient. (But if you want to use the disconnect detection feature, connect it to AUX instead of +5 V.)
Connect the other potentiometer reference wire to GND. Any of the GND pins on the jrk are OK.

Once you have made these connections you should test them by putting your jrk in to analog feedback mode and just moving your actuator (you could simply connect the red and black wires to your battery to get it to move manually if you can’t move it by hand). If your connections are good, then you should see the jrk’s “Feedback” variable (as plotted on the graph) vary between 0 and 4095 as you move the actuator from one extreme to the other.



I would like to add that Pololu will also be selling very similar linear actuators in about a week, so if you wait, you can get everything from us, and we can do a better job helping you with your project.


thank for the info. very helpful.

when you say you will be selling within one week.
Do you mean you will be selling the linear acuator with the jrk as a set build in or separately.
If yes. what is the spec of it.

torque max and speed max.

It would be great, because buying from one place is better.
I just order servo controller 24 from you a few days ago. should have waited for everything for cheaper shipping.

Thanks for this bit of information, I found it easier to understand then the User’s guide’s description of how to hook up the
feedback to use the disconnect feature.