JRK 21v3 PWM control with Arduino

I am trying to control a motor with analog feedback through the 21v3. I WANT to use the basic PWM signal from the arduino to control the motor position.

In other words, I want the analogWrite function to control the position. For example, a command like analogWrite(motorPin, 125) in the code would move the motor to its halfway position.

Is this possible? or are the PWM signals from the arduino too different from standard RC servo PWM signals.


I could try to convert the arduino PWM to analog, but then I would have to add hardware. It would be way easier on me if I could simply connect a pwm pin to the RX pin on the 21v3 and use the anlogWrite() function. Is that possible?

Thank you.


The output from the Arduino when using analogWrite() cannot be used as an input to the Jrk 21v3 since it is not a true analog signal or hobby RC signal. However, you could use the Servo.h Arduino library to send hobby RC signals, which the Jrk can be configured to accept as an input. Doing some conditioning to the PWM signal to make it a true analog signal like you mentioned could also be an option.

By the way, what is the reason you cannot use serial communication? That would probably be the most reliable method of setting the target.