JRK 12v12 won't let me use PWM input

Is the jrk designed to only use some sort of RC input for PWM or something? I have a 1 turn POT setup with + and - going to +5v and GND, and the Wiper going to the RX input and the plot chart shows no adjustment of target at all as I turn the POT knob…what am I doing wrong if anything?


Your jrk should be configured in analog input mode to use a pot as an input device. Is it set up that way?


To my knowledge, yes, i have it configured in analog input mode. When i try to set the input as pwm the target nor plot lines will show any adjustment as i turn the pot knob.

What do you mean by “set the input as pwm”? Can you post a copy of your configuration file so that we can see what you are trying to do?


lol, my error…I realize now that the “analog” input without feedback is the pwm control for a POT. I was confused by the 3rd option in the input menu of “pulse width”. Problem solved…solution?..my own stupidity acceptance ;p.

Well, I am glad that it works now! Good luck with everything else.