Jrk 12v12 and wire length

I’m using the 12v12 to control a motor and the motor will be about 4 feet from my Jrk. The main power supply wires are also about 4 feet, and my power source is a lead acid battery.

The motor would draw about 8-10A peak (for a very short amount of time) and typical draw will only be 2-3A. My motor actually worked OK off a Jrk 12v3 and the main driver got warm to the tough. I’m using the 12v12 simply for reliablity and to ensure it will run cool since the load is relatively small compared to what the 12v12 will handle.

Is there anything I should do with power lines of this length? Perhaps a capacitor across the power supply pins at the Jrk itself? Anything I should be concerned with?


We recommend putting the motor controller as close as possible to the power supply. If you do have to put it several feet away, some extra capacitors (at least a few hundred uF) across the power input at the controller should help.

- Jan