Jogging servo with Maestro Micro

Hi, I’m going to use a 270 degrees servo with two button. The function with each is button when I hold one button down I want to jog the servo clockwise (or counter clockwise for the other button). The jogging will be active as long as long as the button is pressed down. If I double click on one button I want the servo to sweep between min/max position. If I double click again I want it to stop at the position.

Would this possible with just a servo and Maestro Micro or do I need a Arduino to do this?

Regards Joakim


You could probably write a script that can handle that kind of behavior, but it would likely require a relatively complicated script. If you are familiar with Arduino already and new to Maestro scripting, it would probably be easier to process the button presses with your Arduino. You could still use the Maestro to handle the servo signals and send TTL serial commands from the Arduino to control it. You could use our Maestro servo controller library for Arduino to make the communication between the two devices easier.