Isuees with the software

I’ve just installed the Simple Motor Controller Windows Drivers, in my laptop with Windows 10. After the installation is created no shortcuts in Desktop, and when I go to Device Manager there is no “Pololu USB Devices”. When I open the SMC software and connected the controller to the PC, it is not detected by the computer.

I tried to restore windows to its original setting and installing the driver again, but nothing changes. Any ideas about how can I solve it?

I followed the instructions in this link:


The Windows drivers and software installation makes a shortcut for the control center in the Start menu (in the Pololu folder), not on the desktop. Do you see any changes in the device manager when you connect your Simple Motor Controller (SMC) to your computer? What do the SMC’s indicator LEDs do?

- Patrick

There are no changes in device manager when I connect the SMC, also no changes after installing the Pololu drivers to the computer.
The SMC green led keeps blinking when it´s connected to the computer, but no notification or anything appears on the screen.

Today I tried it again, I had to go to device manager, select the manual installation of a new kind of drive, manually select the folder where Pololu drive was installed, after this, I went to add a new drive from the list, and there was the Pololu Drive there in this list.

Now everything is working perfectly

I am glad you got your SMC working! Thank you for letting us know how you got it working.

- Patrick