Issues with usccmd


I’m trying to control a few servos with a Mini-Maestro 12 using usccmd and autohotkey.
While I’m waiting for a few extra things to be shipped, I’m powering one HS-422 Servo on a separate lane with an Arduino 2560 Mega, and plugged the signal line into the Maestro.
Opening up the Maestro Control Center, everything seems to work as expected, I have no issues controlling it, creating sequences, and running scripts.

However, when I open up cmd (On Windows 8 x64), and try to control the servo from there, I can only make the servo move once, then it stops responding.

for example, I typed

usccmd --servo 0,2000
usccmd --servo 0,1000

The servo moves to the first position, but the second command has no effect.
I do notice the running…

usccmd --start

…will still trigger whatever script is stored on the device. and after using --stop, I can make the servo move to a position once more, but only once.

I’ve also noticed that when I reopen the control center (the control center was closed before using cmd/usccmd) the servo is enabled again, even if I disabled it on exit.

Any suggestions? I’m a bit lost @_@


Hello. The target value that UscCmd takes is in the Maestro’s native units, which are quarter microseconds. Try multiplying by four. --David

Wow, I’m an idiot :laughing: