Issue with TB6612 overheating with HP 1:30 motors

I use baby-O-168 with two 1:30 HP motors ( for a line-tracer robot.

Normally it would run OK, but occasionally the robot may start jerking with one motor, while the other runs OK, and TB6612 H-Bridge would get very hot.

I had to change the motors for Maxon 13017, which are no less powerful. They operated very reliably without any glitches. Would anyone know why Orangutan B-168 and Pololu HP 1:30 did not work together well?

Maxons’ Stall current is 1.2 A at 6V. Full specs here:
Actually I used 1:50 HPs, but their 6V stall current is same 1.6 A. Oh, and besides I used 7.5 -8 Volt supply (6 NiMH)
I am not sure that this is simple overheating - my robot would run in tests for 10 minutes with small interruptions with no problems. The H-Bridge chip was not even warm. But then suddenly it would refuse to run. Also, the problem would go away itself with time, but it would take definitely more than several minutes.

I just wonder, if anyone else had such issue with HP motors and TB6612?
What is the recommended driver / controller for these motors with 7.5 - 9 V power supply?


We do not have a good driver we like for the HP motors, at least at higher voltages. The best option I know of is using the two H-bridges on the TB6612 in parallel. Have you tried putting a heat sink on your motor driver? If it’s close to working as it is, maybe that little bit of help will be enough.

- Jan