Issue in to control Servo Motor reliable

dear All,

We are using DS285MG Digital Hi-Speed Sub-Micro MG Servo by JR (JRPS285MG) servo motor to control Gimble Roll and pitch motion.
It is digital servo motor. Functionally it works fine but it fails in reliable operation testing.

For operate servo motor we send command from the PC to control board and it move servo motor position as per given command.
we make one script of commands to test roll and pitch servo motor. Delay between each command is 500msec. we send total 18 commands in one script. 9 commands for roll motion and 9 commands for pitch motion.

command patent makes such that then after executing script both motor comes at it’s original position.

we run same script several time and failure ration we identify is 10%.

I am sending 300 pulse per second to operate servo motor.

Please suggest me what could be the problem.

Thanks & Regards from
Paresh Parekh


We do not carry that servo, so I am not very familiar with it. In general, the specifications of servos of the same model can differ from unit to unit, so I would expect some degree of variance among your servos.

Can you define what qualifies as a failure for your test?