Is the TB6612FNG Driver capable of microstepping?


I am looking for a bit more information on the TB6612FNG motor driver. Can anyone tell me it is capable of microstepping like the A4988 driver? If so what are the microstep resolutions?

I am interested in this because I would like to use the Orangutan SV 328 to accurately control a stepping motor.



Hello, Pierre.

It is generally better to use one of our A4988 carrier boards, but any H-bridge setup that allows you to bidirectionally control the speed of two DC motors should be capable of microstepping a stepper motor. The resolutions available will be determined by how finely you can set the PWM signal that controls the speed, and the highest resolution is probably higher than you would need.

For more information, including example code for the Orangutan, see the stepper-motor1 example included with the Pololu AVR C/C++ Library: … or1/test.c