Is the BEC active when using usb input?

As the subject says, I’m wondering if the 5v BEC is active if using serial or usb input. The battery is 22.2v (just to point out i’s >= 5v).

Also, I didn’t see what the max current through the 5v BEC is in the guide.



What product are you asking about?

- Ben

Mainly the 18v7 simple motor controllers although I might end up also using some 18v7 or 12v12 and 21v3 jrks with feedback as well.

On the jrk you can probably get around 50 mA from the 5V rail, and on the SMCs you can probably get around 200 mA from the 5V rail. They are not intended for high-current applications like powering servos. 5V access does not depend on the input mode.

- Ben

I was looking to use the BEC to power a raspberry-pi’s, which use up 500ma and 700ma depending on the model. Sounds like this isn’t possible, too bad.

No, you will likely need to get a separate regulator/power supply for that, unfortunately. This might work for you:

- Ben