Is my wiring OK?

Hi everyone, this is my very first post here and I’m kind of new to electronics so please bear with me :slight_smile: I just got my Serial Low Voltage Dual Controller. I have been able to successfully connect it to an Arduino Duemilanove. However I added a I/O expansion shield which has a somewhat different layout. Here’s a “drawing” of my wiring. Is that OK?

The pins of the Pololu Dual Serial Low Voltage Controller are (left to right):
Pin 0 Motor supply
Pin 1 GND
Pin 2 Logic Supply
Pin 3 Serial In
Pin 4 Reset (according to the instructions any digital pin should work I’m assuming that I should connect it to the PWM pin not the 5V or GND)
Pins 5,6,7,8 Motors + and -

And my wiring (Check the All Sizes-> Large):

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello and welcome.

Your description generally sounds okay, but I’m concerned about the talk of PWM on the reset line. You need to be able to make the reset line go high or low, without any extra pulses on it. As long as the pin you’re talking about can be a regular digital output, you should be fine.

- Jan

Hi Jan, thanks for your reply. I just realized that I’ve messed up that bit. I had the reset pin connected to what is a servo pin. The digital pins on the board each have a GND, VCC and a D. Am I to assume that I should connect the reset pin to the D pin? Thank you :slight_smile:

You shouldn’t assume it; you should verify it. Do you not have any documentation for your expansion board?

- Jan