Is my motor to much?

I am considering using the 3-Amp motor controller with feedback and am wondering if the motor I want to use will pull to much current for the controller. I plan on using an older remote control car from radio shack that ran off 12V (8 AA) but I don’t know how much current this motor needs.
If I use six 1.2V NiMH AA size batteries that are rated at 2300 mAH each to power this motor will I have a current problem? Any ideas would be great, thanks.


It’s likely that a toy car will draw more than a 2-3 amps, but we cannot tell from the information you’ve provided. One thing you could do is to charge your batteries and run the car to see how long it lasts. If it runs for 10 minutes, you would be drawing about 12 A. For the current to be under 3 A, the car would have to run for almost an hour.

Do you really need the feedback? If not, you might consider getting just the VNH3SP30 motor driver we carry. It’s cheaper and more likely to deliver the current you need.

- Jan