Is it possible to use USB 16 Servo Controller for controllin

I am using Hi-Tech servos,I would like to know if it’s possible to use USB 16 Servo Controller for controlling Hi-Tech analog servos?..the reason for my doubt is that the pulse width ffered by the USB 16 Servo Controller…Is it possible for me to specify the pulse width in Pololu’s USB 16 Servo Controller?..please help me


Assuming you mean Hitec (these guys), it will work just fine. Hitec is my preferred servo brand, and I’ve used lots of them with Pololu servo controllers with no trouble at all (HS-311, HS-422, HS-475HB, HS-645MG, HS-700BB, HS-805BB, HS-5995TG to name a few).

The pulse width of a hobby servo control signal corresponds to the angle the servo will turn to. Since you command an angle by setting a pulse width, it’s really the range of pulse widths that a controller can produce, and that a servo will respond to, that have to match. The common standard these days is a 1.5ms pulse for the neutral position, and a pulse range from 1ms to 2ms to command other positions. Pololu servo controllers cover this range and more, letting you get a little (or a lot) more range out of most servos by driving them all the way to their mechanical limits.

All Hitec servos follow this standard, and almost all other hobby servo brands do as well. What’s really confusing is that even “digital” hobby servos use this same signal protocol, they just use digital rather than analog electronics to measure the pulse width and drive the motor control system in response. Crazy!

I hope that clears everything up, what are your plans for your usb-controlled servos?


Thanks a lot adam for the wonderful reply…I am new into robotics and stuff…wanted to get started with some servo ccontrolling and all…so this is my 1st steps towards it :slight_smile: