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Is acrylic resin safe to cut?

Hey all,

I’m very very new to laser cutting and I’m trying to find a medium that I can colour/pour myself that is safe to laser cut. Pololu states epoxy resin is toxic, but does anyone know if acrylic resin is too?

Alternatively, are there any materials I can colour mix/pour myself that are safe to cut with a comparable hardneas to perspex or resin?

We are not familiar with acrylic resins and are unsure if they are safe to laser cut (or what the cut quality would be). If you have specific resins and dyes you are considering using, please contact us and we can check if they seem safe to try.


Would this product be a resin capable of safely being cut with the laser? https://www.artresin.com/products/16-oz?variant=13912621875309&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIseaxtIyZ4QIV3v_jBx3TRg8WEAkYBSABEgLfsfD_BwE

After revisiting this forum post a year later, I realize that I focused my reply on the acrylic resin question and I overlooked that something Teabellini said was incorrect:

We do not state that epoxy resin is toxic on our website, but I expect that this forum thread from 2014 is what Teabellini is referring to.

Epoxy resin, including the Art Resin product that you linked, is safe to try, but we do not know how well it will cut.