IR remote to control the maestro 6

hi guys,

ive been through all the threads here i didnt come across anything posted with regards to my question.

ive got things working…(yay!!) the micro controller presets a servo depending on the trigger of a proximity sensor.
what i would need to complete this project is a remote control to override the proximity sensor and set the servo in a predefined position.

the script would involve:
1 - servo triggered by the proximity sensor state. nothing detected, set to ‘A’, proximity detected, servo set to 'B’
2 - press remote once -> set servo to predefined position ‘B’ and ignore proximity sensor state.
3 - press remote again -> go back to 1.

im planning on using a $3 IR remote thats easily found on ebay… the generic single button kind thats used to trigger dslr cameras. $3 for a remote with battery and decent looking housing cant be beat. i just need to be able to get the micro controller to detect respond to the signal.

would it be possible for the meastro six to run a script to decode a sequence from a Vishay TSOP85 receiver? (it has to be 38kHZ)

im a bit over my head, so guide me back if im straying further than i already am.

would a Programmable IR Receiver SIS-2 be required?
im hoping not and running a script on the micro 6 with the IR receiver would do the job.

your help will be much appreciated guys.



What you are asking for is tough, but something like it should be doable.

I wonder whether you need actual signal decoding or whether you could just have the trigger be any strong enough signal received. For example, you could connect the sensor to an input channel, check it 30 times in a row, and if it is high (or low; I forget exactly how those sensors work) at least 10 times out of 30, assume that the remote was pressed.

If you need more than that, you will run up against the limit of the Maestro script execution speed. With maybe a few thousand instructions being run per second, it will be really hard to measure typical remote signals, which involve hundreds of bits per second.


thanks for the reply paul,

i see what you mean.
i get the gist of your idea with “any strong enough signal received”.

btw - after some googling, this is the IR code for the IR remote transmitter.

alternatively, to only make it work specifically with a particular remote, using the sis-2 with the IR receiver should work then right?

nb: are there any alternatives to the sis-2, or maybe any other way of implementing what i need done?



Do you have the IR receiver (the Vishay part in the “Application Example” you linked to) working yet? What I am suggesting is that you could not worry about the specific protocol and let ANY signal coming from the sensor trigger the action you described.

The only disadvantage is that it might be triggered by other remotes, like, say, your TV remote. Is that going to be a problem for you?


yep, unfortunately that will be a problem. the project sits in the media center with every other remote from the HTPC to the receiver in its way. so it has to respond specifically to only its own remote.

i havent got the parts in yet, but will order them in and connect them up to see how it goes.

will keep you and this forum posted as to the results.