IR Beacon Transceiver / Breadboard

Any thoughts on the best way to setup a Pololu IR Beacon Transceiver on a breadboard?

Could the IR sensors be soldered “upside-down” to the top of the board instead of the bottom? Even so, the orientation of the pins seems like it would still prevent this from being plugged directly into a bb.

It seems like i’d be best off soldering wires into the board and then connecting those to the bb.

(Clearly I am new at this! :smiley: )




The IR sensors are located on the bottom of the board so that the board can function as a bit of a shield since lights are usually above the beacon. Therefore, I do not recommend mounting the beacon up-side-down. I think soldering some wires in is the way to go. You could also solder in some connectors if you don’t want to commit to soldering in some particular wires (though it shouldn’t be too difficult to desolder them). Using wires will also let you mount the beacon a bit higher from the rest of your system, which should improve its performance.

- Jan

That makes a lot of sense, thanks!