Integrating Maestro SW using my VC++ MFC code

I have a new maestro-18 board.
My environment is Win-7, Visual-C++ 2010 , and existing validation tests written in MFC.
I installed both the windows drivers and the demo SW and able to control the servo which is connected to device-0 - Sucsessfuly!! :smiley: (I used the MaestroEasyExampleCpp example code).

I need to integrate part of the code from the MaestroEasyExampleCpp example, to my existing validation tests which was written as C++ MFC application.
I really don’t understand where to start it, from previous posts.

Please advise.
Thanks In Advance,

Hello, Micha. I’m not too familiar with MFC, but according to Wikipedia, there should be a way to get your application to generate mixed applications that have native code and managed code. The assemblies you need to use to control the Maestro are managed .NET assemblies.

As a first step, I recommend configuring your application to allow mixed native and managed code (I’m not sure how). Then look at the references in the MaestroEasyExampleCpp project and add those same references to your project, if possible.

If you can’t figure this stuff out then you could use the Maestro’s virtual COM ports instead.