Input to a mini m 24

hi. i just got my Mini Maestro 24-channel USB servo controller as i beleved i could use it to gather information as well as controll external components servos ect. my question is how can i detect a switch. i dont want to damage my new toy lol. do i need to put power into the signal pin or can i just connect a switch? im quite new to this but im quite good at programming. what i need is input from my robotics projects other than scensors you can buy. one of thease is a simple swtch. the other is a variable input for example a pot. how would i implement this. thankyou


If you do not want to damage the Maestro, I highly recommend reading the User’s Guide. You will find a helpful section in there called “Wiring Examples” that says exactly how to connect a switch or potentiometer.

Feel free to post again if there is something that is not explained clearly enough in the User’s Guide!