i2C example code for A-Star 32U4?


I bought an A-Star 32U4 a while ago. On the product pages it promises:

That’s been a while now. Any news on when this code will be available?



Hello, Simon.

We recently posted a detailed example project complete with software for the Raspberry Pi and A-Star 32U4 Robot Controller: Building a Raspberry Pi robot with the A-Star 32U4 Robot Controller. We will be updating the A-Star 32U4 Robot Controller user’s guide soon to link to this project.

- Amanda

I built your Raspberry Pi robot with the A-Star 32U4 Robot Controller and downloaded all of the example software.
Your initial instructions nor your example software mention how to use i2c.
Your robot and software may be using i2c in the background but you do not make any attempt to explain how it works or how I can use i2c for anything!

Ben Smith

Hello, Ben.

Using I2C on the Raspberry Pi is not unique to our tutorial. I2C is a very popular communication protocol to use with the Raspberry Pi, so there are lots of examples for the Raspberry Pi and I2C. On the Arduino side, since the A-Star 32U4 Robot Controller is acting as the slave, there is not really anything else you can do with I2C, but if you are interested in learning how it works, you can look at our source code and comments.

If you want to learn more about I2C, there are many online resources that you can find. Like this application report by Texas Instrument and application note by NXP Semiconductors.

- Amanda