I Will Pay You For Maestro Joystick C# Support

I have the Maestro usb 12ch controller, I am willing to pay someone via paypal USD to write a small application to interface a joystick and 2 servos with 3 channels (2 axis and 1 button) if you can assist post here or email me at Contact@NateTeebo.com


For anyone who wants to attempt this, I recommend the following two links:

Some kind of rudimentary joystick support is on our list of stuff to do someday, but you can beat us to it for fame and fortune.


Definitely took on a project that I am incapable of (the code writing) any help would be appreciated, and that code project link I have already tried and I get errors because it has to be converted from I think 2003.

I was also told this could be done using Java instead? Are there any downsides to Java over C sharp?

I have been paying a gentleman in Germany to write the software for me, and he is doing an amazing job so far. When I am complete I will see if I am granted the permission to open it as freeware for you guys so that know one ever has to search or pay anyone to use their Maestro with a stinkin’ game controller again :sunglasses: It is also capable of controlling the Maestro remotely with the game controller plugged into another computer anywhere on the network, and other goodies :mrgreen: