I need Info. on power options to my 9 servos and controller

I’ve searched through what I could but cannot come to a conclusion as my best option.

My project requires nine servos that i want to program on my PC so i was looking to purchase the 12 channel mini maestro. I need help on establishing my power source. Because i am running 5 V servos do i need to buy nine seperate 5 V battery packs, one large battery pack, or maybe a step down voltage regulator?

I am obviously unfamiliar with this field so some advice on what to buy or the best way to set it up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Most standard RC servos operate at between 4.5V and 7.2V and draw about 1A when straining; you can use that as a starting point for finding an appropriate battery or power supply for your setup. (You do not need separate battery packs for each servo, but that could also work.)


Thanks, but I am still somewhat confused. Please inform me on what power source would sufficiently supply 9 servos through a controller. Would a single 24 V battery do the job? These are the types of questions I need answered.

Thanks again

Im sorry not 24 V, I was thinking of the 8.4 V NiMH battery packs, would that do?


You could use a bench top power supply, as long it were capable of providing 9A of continuous current. You would not want an 8.4 V battery. The voltage should be between 4.5 V and 7.2 V. The mAh rating on the battery will be determined by how long you need the battery to power your system, and how much current it draws.

For more information on battery capacity, you might find this blog post to be helpful.