I need help with programming

i’m using avr studio.
i’ve included both 3pi.h and orangutan.h.
when i try to print to the screen i only get black blocks.
and when i try to call set_motors(), or set_m1/m2_speed, only it’s left motor turns on and it goes in circles. i’m trying to get output from a ping sensor, i can’t even get as far as to debug it. what am i doing wrong? :question:


Please read over our General Advice for Getting Help. Have you successfully run any of the demo projects yet? If not, you definitely are not ready to write your own code.

By the way, including orangutan.h should not be necessary on the 3pi.


I figured out it had the wrong default chip set, i thought it was set up at the programmer. so i got the functions working. thanx.