I need help understanding using micro maestro in xp with c++

I am just beginning to do a project to aim a laser pointer using two servos, one for the x axis and one for the y axis. I am looking for a very basic C++ program that will help me to understand how to send coordinate info to each servo through usb and a micro maestro using XP and visual studio. Everything I have seen so far seems too complicated or vague, suggesting I need some prior knowledge that I do not have. Eventually I will use a webcam to search either for motion or a specific target and aim the laser at that.

I have successfully controlled both servos with the Pololu Maestro Control Center. Now I want to understand what a function or method might look like that the motion detection software would call to position the servos.



Do you know how to send data to the serial port in C++? If not, I recommend searching google for something like “windows c++ serial port tutorial” and see whether you can find some example code that does it for you. Then all you have to do is send the correct bytes according to the Maestro user’s guide.


The Pololu USB SDK now contains a C++ example for the Maestro that uses native USB.