I have a problem with the micro servo controller

Hi, sorry, i’m italian and my english isn’t very well.
I have a problem with the micro serial servo controller.
I have a Basic Stamp board and i have programmed it with:
SEROUT 0,84,[128,2,0] to send the setting command to the servo controller, but when i send the command (in mini ssc mode) SEROUT 0,84,[255,1,127] the servo doesn’t work.
Why? Thanks a lot


Could you give some more details? When you send the servo ID setting command, does it respond correctly? When you send the position command, what happens? It would help if you let us know what the LEDs do, what happens on other channels, etc.

- Jan

have a microscopic moviment, sometimes the green led is on for indicates the serial activity but the servo doesn’t work. Sometimes all the led is off and i must to reset the board…

You’re still not giving us much to work with. What are your power sources? Did the servo setting command work? After you see the small movement, is the servo holding the position? The LEDs should always go through the same sequence (all on when serial in is low, yellow on when serial in goes high the first time, then green flickering for each byte coming in). Does this happen? If not, when does the problem occur?

- Jan

The power source is the same of the basic stam board (6 V 1.5 A). When i send a command the green led flash but later all the led is off an sometimes flash the red led.
Can you give me an example for programming the servo number and an example for a servo moviment?

Your [128, 2, 0] packet is correct for setting the ID. When you do this, you should see the red and yellow on, and the green should flash about once per second.

Your [255, 1, 127] packet is also correct (with the jumper on). When does the red LED begin flashing? This is indicative of bad serial data coming in. Try sending one byte at a time to see when the error occurs.

You might also have power issues if you are using the same power source for your servos and electroncis. How many servos do you have connected? How did you get the 1.5A rating on your power supply?

In general, if you want more help, you need to be more specific with your descriptions. The LEDs are not randomly flashing, and they are there specifically for the purpose of helping identify problems. It’s frustrating for us when you don’t even mention the red LED flashing until your third post.

- Jan

I cant’ be more specific because i don’t speak english…
I have connect 1 servo.
When i send [255,0,0] the servo doesn’t go to the minimum position but have about 5 degree rotation e after that it return in the same position…
if i continue to send the same command the red led flash for a very little time and after the board shut off (all the led off) and i must to reset it.
I have try to send one byte at a time but is the same…

now is all Ok.
“The powes supply was too little”.


- Jan