Does anybody have the program, or now where I can download the program that is used for the Dual DC motor driver? I’m using a BASIC Stamp I microcontroller, what are the commands in order for the Dual DC motor driver to work? :question:


The February 2004 issue of “Nuts and Volts” magazine has a detailed project that uses our micro motor controller with a BASIC Stamp 1. Your local Barnes and Noble might still have a copy on the rack.

In general, the main instruction line you need to use is:

SEROUT SPin, T2400($80, 0, motDir, speed)

where SPin is the serial pin you are using, motDir is the motor number and direction byte, and speed is the speed you want that motor to go at.

You can check the BASIC Stamp documentation for more information about using the SEROUT command.

- Jan