How to use Polulu Maestro servo controller / ROV...NEED HELP


I just have to start by saying that im new to this forum and im new to controlling stuff with “computer” like Polulu and Arduino.

I have made an ROV, quite an professionale one(spent a lot of money and ca. 2000 hours on it) but im missing a good way to controll thisone.

Some info about me project:

ROV with 4 thrusters (brushless and controlled by a statdard RC motor controller)
Real Neutral Umbillical from Outland Technology USA.
Approved for dive 900m++
HD Camera
LED 20W ligths x 2
28V in tether
12V in ROV

What i need is some help to make comunication between ROV and me. I just bougth a Polulu servo controller 6ch, 2x USB - RS 485 converter and a USB Joystick

Can i get the USB joystick to controll my laptop wich controlls my servos? Anyone that have done the same or knows someone that have?

Appriciate all tips! :smiley:

Buy an apm 2.5. It will do it all from a computer using an xbox controller.
It will even do it with out you entirely.
This will lead you to diy-drone or even jdrone.
Load down a free program call mission planner (mavlink).
Every thing will start unfolding from there for you.
You may even kick your self for spending to much.
Please don’t shoot the messager. lol
Enjoy yourself your project will start moving at a rapped rate now.


It is possible to control a Maestro with a joystick via a computer. Unfortunately, we do not have any example code for doing that, so you would probably have to write your own computer program that interprets the signals from your joystick and then sends serial commands to the Maestro.

I am not sure exactly how you are intending to connect the Maestro to the computer, but it seems like you might want to use the two USB to RS 485 converters you have to connect the USB from your computer to the USB on the Maestro. Unfortunately, this will not work, because both the Maestro and the converters are USB devices, and USB devices can only communicate with USB hosts, not each other.


The plan with my two RS485 converters are to get the signal from surface down via tether and into my ROV.

It seems like i did a misake when i bougth the Polulu then, if it that hard to controll by PC. Would it be better for me to use Arduino?

There is codes all done.
You don’t have to re-invent the wheel.
and it’s open source.
The people have won rov compotitions consistantly.
I know when you open the mavlink program you see multicopters, planes, helicopter, rc cars.
They forgot to say words like “sub”.
It’s all the same when you set the yaw, pitch and roll, thrust.
Diy drones will lead you to 3dr transmitters and the apm 2.5 with the mavlink (open soucre) it’s all there waiting to go with your joystick and everything.
The meastro still going serve you well when you need other things done.
You can jump the 3drs transmitters on the tx and rx and the apm 2.5 will see it as a packet error but still it echo’s to your meastro as a command.
My ribing was more about the need for other items in your plan as I know you would need and may have brought.
I understand where you got to regarding the need for telementry feed back thus the rs 485 stuff.
The above mention products will do what you need and give you telementry feed back that you possiable haven’t thought of.
Is dynamic as I think you would want out your system.

You know this is Arduino a.

So if i buy this part, then i shuld just download a code, upload to controller, plug in joystick and start playing?

can you please find me one online and send me a link? the one i found was 180USD…wich seems a bit expensive.
Thanks for all replys!

Try under flight controls. get yourself the uBlox NEO-6M GPS Module tho as the refresh rates better. Once plugged in to the pc the mavlink allows you to update firmware. Keep reading all the documents it will unfold more and more.
The price you had not bad. I have a chines contact but in my country there is no import duty from china. By the time you wait and possiby pay import your price is good. here it is just in case. … 42522.html